Why have a digital marketing strategy?

Establishing a digital marketing strategy is critical. If you partner with an experienced full-service digital marketing agency, like ProfitCannon, you can trust that one of our initial to-dos is building a smart and competitive strategy for your company.

Without Internet marketing strategies, your business doesn’t have a map for achieving its goals. You know what you want to accomplish, but you don’t know how. That often leads to the launch of a digital marketing campaign that fails to drive any results.

If you want to invest in digital marketing, you need to invest in a digital marketing strategy.



What is Digital Marketing?

In one sentence, digital marketing is just all the things we do to grow a business through different internet channels.

That can mean a bunch of different things, like:

  • Getting more website visitors
  • Attracting more leads
  • Generating more sales
  • Driving more repeat purchases

You can accomplish these things in a number of different ways, and each way is a skill of its own.

For example:

Want to get more website visitors? Great! You could:

  • Increase your rankings on search engines and drive more free, organic traffic
  • Post great content on social media and get more people visiting your site
  • Send more emails to your existing users and get them visiting you more often

Want to get more leads? Awesome! You could:

  • Create some great new content and give it away, in exchange for an email address
  • Set up a sales funnel that asks users to enter their phone number to receive a free quote
  • Launch an Adwords campaign with the goal of getting prospects to schedule a call

Want to get more sales? Super! You could:

  • Create a page that ranks on Google for “<competitor name> alternative”
  • Set up a remarketing campaign for users that visited your site but didn’t purchase
  • Create an abandoned-cart email that reminds users to complete their purchase

That, is how digital marketing for business, works.